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July 05, 2011


Lynn Gape

Well done Larry. This legislation has been needed and supported by the BNT since 1977. It is tremendously positive accomplishment.

Rob Roman

Great article, very well done. Unfortunately our sawmill was vandalized and equipment stolen late last week. Given the damage and losses we’ll fall far short of our goals for the end of the year – a very discouraging setback.

Jacqui Belcher

As you say, Larry, better late than never. Sorry to read about the vandalism and theft, though.

Bob Knaus

The old-growth fire-hardened Bahamian pine is indeed termite resistant, very similar to the old-growth Dade County pine used for buildings in south Florida. I grew up in a house built of it. Termites only ate the new additions to the house, not the original structure.

My father and grandfather both claimed that the second-growth pine was not termite resistant; that it had not had time to harden and develop enough rosin. I think this is true; old stumps from the 1930's lingered in the woods lot where I played as a child while windfallen second-growth pines rotted in a few years.


Great article!

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