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July 26, 2011


Farrell Goff

I enjoyed your article. One aspect you didn’t quite touch on was the uniqueness of the period for the electorate, most Bahamians are angry with the current government and have little eagerness to re-elect the former government and its leader. This makes the market very ripe for the DNA.

I was pleasantly surprised by your ending admission: “what is shaping up to be a bitter three-way election fight.” This definitely brings credibility to the DNA.

Also we have laid out a plan for crime and the fear of crime including timelines, please read this release by Mr. McCartney: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Jinny?ap=1#!/notes/bamboo-town-branville-mccartney/press-statement-crime-by-w-a-branville-mccartney/10150242787960940

And also you can watch our Town Hall meeting on Crime and the Fear of Crime in its entirety here: http://www.mydnaparty.org/videos/DNA-Town-Hall-on-Crime-and-Fear-Of-Crime

So we have released concrete plans and intentions whilst allowing the Bahamian people to have input. Our next Town Meeting is on Immigration, August 3, BCPOU Hall on Farrington road at 7pm.

larry smith

I am flattered that you think a comment of mine gives the DNA credibility.

I did watch the town meeting on crime and corresponded with Wayne Munroe on the subject. The specifics on crime are basically what Wayne talked about on zns, as I mentioned in my article.

You may have a point about folks being tired of Perry and Hubert, but I am not sure that translates into a political movement. The historical evidence says otherwise, but who knows?


I am of the opinion that the electorate is divided almost equally between die hard PLP's and die hard FNM's(around 40% each).The other 20% is made up of independent voters. The majority of the voters in this group are Haitian Bahamians who really have no deep loyalty to either party. They are the swing vote. Base on how they are treated or how Haitians in general are treated determines to a large extent who wins. During the last election, Shane Gibson was responsible for alienating this group of voters which resulted in the PLP demised. The DNA is doing the same thing. Even if they are able to peel away some diehards, they will not be able to win the group(independents) who give them the best chance of winning a couple of seats. The FNM is fully aware of where it victory lies. Win this group and you win the election.


I continue to maintain that the DNA is DOA. Bran McCartney is a first-term MP with a paper-thin record. I do not expect to see significant differences in platforms between them and the FNM and the PLP because most Bahamians are in the center. The fact that they consider Rodney Moncur to be a 'get' says everything that needs to be said.

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