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November 21, 2011


Philip Smith

At first I saw Simon's articles about the DNA and McCartney as helpful, providing much needed scrutiny for the new party and its leader; but his dronings have now become tired and even petty. We get it "you don't think McCartney is qualified to be PM or, it seems, even very bright. But what Simon has consistently, perhaps intentionally, failed to address is why has there been such a response to this new party. There have been other new parties that were met with the resounding thud of indifference. Why has this fledging party gained traction when others were so over matched by the local political behemoths? What is about the PLP and the party of your beloved Hubert Ingraham, the FNM, that has turned so many well-meaning Bahamians against them? Perhaps if you studied this phenomenon more carefully you would see why despite his inexperience and obvious shortcomings, Mr. McCartney continues to draw favourable comparisons to our political lions in winter.

You are correct that Mr. McCartney has often not acquitted himself well on media appearances and were the job description of PM the chief television and radio personality of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas rather than its chief executive, you would be right to point this out. But that is not the PM's job. Further, Mr. McCartney's performance, when he did serve in a government capacity as minister of Immigration, a department that despite your rather benign interpretations, is in dire need of reform and sunlight, was impressive.

In short, in pursuit of your own tedious and now obvious agenda, you have failed to provide the context or even the understanding that would allow Bahamians to judge Mr. McCartney against the other 2 leaders and their parties on their own merits. You seem to wish to have all Bahamians revulsed by the very sight of the man, rather than engage their critical faculties to weigh and determine. You have done us no favours sir, and you should stop.

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Mr. Smith you have spoken with emphatic conviction and passion and for this kudos to you and your point is duly noted. Simon while I have no problem with your critique of Mr. McCartney, I am convinced that The Bahamian Electorate are extremely intelligent, politically savvy and will do the right thing by placing our Beautiful Country in the hands of a government that is able, capable and well qualified to lead us over the next five years. While I do not support Mr. McCartney's politics, he does have the right to present his political platform to the people for which they will cast a vote for or against. God bless the Bahamas and her wonderful citizens and may we have a peaceful election process, from my lips to God's Merciful Ears.

Roderick Small

I tend to agree with Mr Smith. Simon's articles used to be balanced and thoughtful but now he seems like just another political hack carrying water for his candidate. He lost the one thing that drew me to him...the sense that he was objective, detached and reasoned. The emotion in his articles about McCartney belie an irrational support for the PM. An objective view, I think, reveals 3 very flawed leaders with very little appeal.

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