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November 14, 2011


Ay' Bahamian

Great article! I'm out of the country and I wasn't sure Prime Minister Ingraham was going to run for office in 2012. This great news.

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Simon I share your sentiments above and lets us hope and pray that both Prime Minister Ingraham and President Obama will be re-elected. While both men are not perfect, they both have tremendous strength and character. They are able to lead with conviction as a result of their intestinal fortitude and they welcome ideas which are constructive from the Opposition. Both men realize that they are their own worse enemy and thus know that God has placed a special blessing on them and thus has also surrounded them with advisors who also have tremendous strength and character. May God continue to bless and guide these men with the task He has given them with respect to leading two Great Countries and their Exceptional Citizens. From my lips to God's Ears.


The only question that really counts my friend are Americans and Bahamians better off today than they were when their respective leaders were elected to office?? By every meaningful statistical indicator the answer is an emphatic NO.. Debt, deficits and dollar decline leading to higher price inflation is choking both country's economies.. Every month both America and the Bahamas must borrow more and more money just to stay afloat.. Financial prudence is totally lacking as both countries are heading down the path to economic bankruptcy.. The international credit ratings of both countries had fallen as the current President and the Prime Minister drive their respective economies into decline.. Where it will end is anyone's guess, but you can be sure that in five years both country's citizens will not be as well off as they are today..

Larry Caulder

To mention the Prime Minister and the American President in the same breath is a disservice to Mr. Ingraham. Mr.Obama is a fraud with no qualifications whatsoever for the office he currently holds.

Roderick Small

Tradewinds, you are too harsh in some respects and not harsh enough in others. On the one hand the issues that face this country are not unique to The Bahamas and the downgrades are part of the current economic environment. On the other hand the last five years have exposed
Mr. Ingraham as a conventional politician with no real vision of Bahamian development other than new roads, higher electricity rates and the sell-off of vital public utilities; these are not the elements of a forward looking economic program. The coming years will separate the visionary from the pedantic and reveal our PM, and his closest rival, as little more than monkey see monkey do know nothings.
God help us then!


Roderick, my comments were directed at Simon who tries to draw similarities and differences between the two political leaders of the United States and the Bahamas.. First, please understand that credit downgrades are a function of irresponsible deficit spending policies pursued by both of the elected governments of the United States and the Bahamas.. Both countries deliberately chose to pursue and implement such policies based on political objectives while ignoring prudent economic judgement.. Secondly, just because other countries pursue such faulty economic programs, it does not excuse the Bahamas from playing the greater fools game of follow the leader.. Today the United States is an economic basket case that has to beg China and other countries to finance its out-of-control financial deficits.. In the Bahamas, the government borrows monthly to pay its current account deficit.. When the Bahamian credit card runs dry, who will be our lender of last result to bail us out?? Certainly not the United States..
The real issue my friend is that today our country lacks as you say any visionary thinking when it comes to macro-economic thinking.. Unfortunately our three political party players are void of such prudence thinking and leadership when it comes to macro-economic decision-making.. Betting on a strong US economic recovery to revive Bahamian tourism is a bad bet as President Obama's recovery policies have been a total failure and will have little benefit in aiding our feeble recovery.. If my words seem empty then try reading the International Monetary Fund and World Bank country reports on the Bahamas.. The warnings are there but the government's responsive is lacking at best.. May God help the Bahamian people in this time of great uncertainty..

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Tradewinds your thread is indeed an interesting one which should be taken seriously however in my humble opinion, our leaders are facilitators of opportunities for the country and her citizens and in fairness to them, there is only so much control that they have despite their rhetoric. My Parents, God Bless and keep them always instilled a strong sense of responsibility in me and emphasized the fact that the Government can only facilitate so much. We as Citizens also play a role with respect to creating progress and opportunity within the confines of the structure of our country. Kudos to your point Tradewinds. Roderick your thread was constructive in my opinion minus the primate comparison. Our past and current leaders are to be commended for their attempts to make our wonderful country and her people better in all facets of life and while some of our leaders have performed better than others, what we need now are men and women who can bring constructive and creative thoughts to the table with respect to making our country a better and more progressive and not to mention safe place to live. Thank you for your threads Roderick and Tradewinds.


Thank you Julius for your constructive commentary.. Nevertheless I wonder if our leaders, as you say, are "facilitators of opportunities" or just plain old political opportunists.. There actions always speak louder than their rhetoric.. Secondly you say that "the Government can only facilitate so much".. How true, but governments always seek to expand and facilitate more and greater control over the lives of their citizens.. Who gave government the right or authority to exercise such control in the first place?? Sadly in the Bahamas, a proud people have become more and more dependent on the government's public support programs.. This is leading to the potential financial destruction of our country..

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Tradewinds you make an exceptional point. I sincerely hope that all members of the political arena in the Bahamas and the United States reflect on the point you have so eloquently stated. Thank you.

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