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January 24, 2012


Philip Smith

We don't know that the PM is dismantling "entrenched economic domination in port ownership" because we don't know the full extent of those who own 40%, but still are allowed to control, the port! Unfortunately we will probably get a detailed statement with that information AFTER the election. So much for transparency.

Instead of hundred of millions on roads, which will generate no revenue, perhaps that money could have been spent on the port, which will generate revenue for the next 45 years and would have helped to build the COMMON wealth of our beloved country.

The government contributed the land - that means all of us contributed that land - now a portion of that land will be owned only by those with the means to do so. A windfall for some, but another missed opportunity for others.

The PM's quiet revolution is still one of timid half steps and tentative measures. Bolder vision is needed. Please tell the whole story.

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