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March 19, 2012



Ahh the Chinese communist...
Every person lucky enough to be in the bahamas and not in china, where forced abortions and the government deciding the size of your family is normal, where religion is oppressed and church goers locked up, should thank God they are here and not there.
MR.Ingraham has recognized this brutal regime and gets a stadium named after him. I hope he is happy, judas realized the 40 pieces were not worth it.


Yet I wonder if the Bahamas hasn't made a deal with the devil in their financial relationship with China. Like the US, the debt grows to the point it must be asked, how will you pay? What will the government do next for their improvements?

As a regular visitor, one who loves this beautiful island nation, I have to ask what has your government sold you out for? Poverty continues, unemployment of Bahamian citizens continues, interest rates are high, homes are being lost by your citizens; yet there are more than 4,000 Chinese workers doing the work you should be doing. Again much like the US.

Philip Smith

Both interesting comments but how much worse would this recession cum depression be without the financial largesse of communist China? I fear we would be in a far worse position as our neighbour to the north continues to cast about for any sign of economic rejuvenation. I hope that we seek to minimize our economic reliance upon China and the US and raise our sights to economic independence. Without that, we will always seek out the kindness of strangers...

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