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March 01, 2012



There is a huge and obvious difference between American system and ours. In the US there can be, as there is now, a divided government, whereby both parties have to work together. This is not possible in our system, whichever party wins has total control within the constitution.

The article says itself quote
While it hasn’t happened -- though Sir Lynden was challenged in 1970 -- does not negate the fact that our system allows for such a possibility and a number of checks on prime ministerial power. unquote

Some bahamians would like to see "it happen" and the current system does not seem conducive to checking the prime ministerial and the ruling party's power. perhaps the ability to force a recall election would be useful.


Not quite.

It may appear that way given that as the US the Bahamas currently only has 2 main parties, but there is nothing in the system forcing that.

Canada, both at the Federal and Provincial levels, has had Minority governments where none of the 4 or 3 main parties have achieved a majority of seats, and passing legislation involves co-operation among at least 2 of the parties.

In the UK, they currently have a Minority situation (though they call it a Hung Parliament) where the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats entered into a coalition agreement to govern.

Thus if Bahamians are really that upset with their current government options then the easiest solution is to create and support a viable third party.

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