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March 13, 2012


Rick Lowe

Thanks Larry.
I thought the play was excellent.
Also isn't there a sad bit of irony in your suffragette story that women still do not have equal rights and The Bahamas quashed the Constitutnal amendment that would have put them on equal footing with regard to citizenship of their spouses and children?


Sigh - I hate to nitpick, but Janet Bostwick was elected in 1982. She first ran in 1977 in Pineridge against Milo Butler Jr. but she lost that race before winning in Yamacraw in the next election.
I see Comrade Carey neglected to mention her attempts to turn the Bahamas into a socialist nation as a leading member of the Vanguard Party.

larry smith

Not according to every bio I've seen. She was elected in 1977 and remained in parliament until 2002.

jane beales

I'm really surprised that the play wasn't better supported in Nassau, I saw it over here at a sixth form college theatre and it was packed with students, all of whom stayed for the after-play discussion. Do they still do Shakespeare in schools in the Bahamas? But even if not you'd hope such a Bahamian centric production would have had a higher profile!


Larry, I will bet you any amount of $ you like that she was first elected in 1982 not 1977. This is what frustrates me about Bahamian politics - there is so little information available online or anywhere else for people to look this sort of thing up. I mean, I know I'm right - I have the election tallies from those years that I filled in by hand on those election nights. If I have the chance tonight, I'll look up the results of the Pinedale seat in 1977 where she lost to Butler Jr. (Bostwick was running BDP - there was an FNM candidate named James Thompson, but he lost his deposit). If any bio says she was elected in 1977, they are shockingly wrong and given that she was the first woman elected to Parliament, this is not a small error. btw, there were four women who ran for Parliament in 1982 - Bostwick, Willamae Brigewater for the PLP in Blue Hills (who lost to the FNM's Foulkes) and two Vanguard candidates - Comrade Gwendolen Claude in Ft. Charlotte and Comrade Wallis Carey who ran in Centerville (I think - going on memory, here). At the time four was a record number of women running for office - amazing to think of it now - especially given that two of them were basically protest candidates.
btw, I said Pindridge in my original post - I mean Pinedale - my bad.

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