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April 18, 2012


Rick Lowe

Fascinating for sure.
Do you sell the little booklet?

larry smith

It is on sale at Media Enterprises(www.bahamasmedia.com) for $6.

Christopher Hartley

Read your article this morning and loved it. It is truly a window into the past.

Yes, there was a fort on my family's land on Paradise Island, on which I found one of the four cannons, and some cannon balls, as well as a button in the bush from maybe the civil war time.

Our property was made up of three plots, one being the old Symonette shipyard, the oil terminal owned by Esso, and a private lot owned by the Symonnette's which had a right of way to the beach with a small beach house on the north side.

The family property was acquired by Club Med, who sold it to Kerzner for more than $20 million. Kerzner demolished the home which my mother built before the first bridge was built in 1967. Many Bahamians would stop her in the street later in life and thank her for the job, which got many started in construction.

There is so much history which is so easily lost if not documented. Realy enjoyed your work, thanks.

Anthony Bostwick

Loved it! Thanks Mr. Smith wish we could get such material in our history classes in all our schools.

Lynn Gape

This is a real treasure and should be reviewed by an educator with an
eye to creating a lesson and exercise for Bahamian History. What an eye opener this would be for students if they could see a map of the island as described in the journal compared to a percent day map.

Philip Smith

Perhaps you can find a copy of the manuscript "The Ugly Bahamians" by Allan Witwer. That would shed some light as well.

larry smith

Here's a primer...


larry smith

More ugly Bahamians...


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