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April 25, 2012


Donna Bethel

I agree 100%

Ralph Deans

Another excellent piece Larry. I appreciate your work.

I wish every Bahamian might reflect on the culture shock that would occur if the conch die out. And it's not only the conch that are under pressure. It's unfortunate but true that you don't miss your water til the well runs dry.

As a Newfoundlander, I know about this. The small town where I was born, Woody Point in Bonne Bay, is struggling to survive after the cod fishery collapsed many years ago.

Chris Brookes put together a piece on this. If you have a moment, you might like to listen to him, and to the beautiful voice of Anita Best as she sings, and he talks, about the end of the fishery.


Peter Barratt

Excellent article. When I came to Grand Bahama in 1964 you could find lots of conch just a hundred or so yards off West End village. Now fishermen have to travel 30+ miles to find conch in quantity. I recall that Wallace Groves offered to fund a conch research institute (similar to the one in the Turks & Caicos Islands) but the government at the time refused the offer.


I am hoping that if the FNM is re-elected, they will considered ending the export of Conch - or at least, putting a limit on it. And we need to have a closed season as well. We can't allow it to die out.

Bruce Raine

Excellent article Larry. I am sorry I was unable to attend the lecture at the BNT on Wednesday. If one considers all of the tourists that eat some form of conch while here visiting, this is, of itself, an enormous exporting and in my view there need be no more conch exporting than that.
A little monitoring by relevant authorities of what size conchs are being sold would help enormously to cut down on the undersized conchs that are sold everyday, particularly in Nassau. They should be confiscated immediately.

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