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May 23, 2012


Michael R. Moss

Thanks Larry. Cuba also had a major dengue outbreak last year and Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister was afflicted with the ailment.

Ricahrd Howe

I would like to propose an aerial assault on the dengue mosquito for the Bahamas. In my opinion this is the only way to get a handle on the problem. The methods now in use are pretty enemic. Killing the mosquito from the ground is an exercise in futility. An aerial assault is the only solution to this problem.

I would like to refer you to my not for profit web site and review what I have proposed for a solution in Africa for malaria. The principles are the same, this method will work on both species of the mosquito. The strategy, simpily supress the population to such a low number to break the transmission cycle. On an Island like New Providence it may be possible to eliminate the Dengue mosquito entirely with a concerted effort. Please go to my web site at killmosquito.org and look up "Example of a Spray Mission" you will find a GPS print out of a job I did for Palm Beach County under my commercial operation. The total area I treated is about the size of New Providence Island. As you can see I treated this area in only 40 minutes.

Also look under "Droplet Spectrum Geometry" to get an understanding how this is possible due to advances in technology.

I would appreciate some media coverage on this subject. Last year I made several efforts at contacting the government on this issue and never got to speak to anyone higher up than the janitor. I understand they had their phones off the hook thinking perhaps it was the media and they were embarrased.

robert meister

Thank you very much for educating us more about this real and current dengue fever threat with your interesting article. As a father of an 11 months old son I am very concerned he may catch dengue fever from a mosquito bite.

I have a few questions which I hope you may be able to address in follow-up.

1. Is there a test one can take locally to confirm whether one has ever had the Dengue fever virus?

2. Do we know why we have outbreaks every 3-5 years and is this pattern confined to The Bahamas or worldwide? We have a rain season every summer, so why not outbreaks every year?

3. What does the Dengue fever mosquito look like? Can one tell the difference of the Aedes mosquito from other ones? Many smartphones now have free apps with illuminating magnifying glasses which enable you to take pictures of dead mosquitoes. What is the percentage of these mosquitoes versus regular ones?

4. What is the average breeding to hatching time for an Aedes mosquito and how long do they live on average?

5. I heard or read that Australia was working on a program to try to sterilize the Aedes mosquito in their country and was making progress. Is this correct? If yes, would this be an option for The Bahamas?

6. Can you describe the 4 different viruses and their differences?

7. Can one get DHF on contracting the virus the first time?

larry smith

This site answers some of your questions:



my friend just got out of Dr's hospital with dengue fever. He is a young strong guy but was taken down by this disease and still recovering. what you may not know. see below: from cbs news:
from cbs news.
MANILA, Philippines - Papaya leaves can help dengue fever patients fully recover from their illness, a recent study showed.

Dr. Sanath Hettige, who conducted the research on 70 dengue fever patients, said papaya leaf juice helps increase white blood cells and platelets, normalizes clotting, and repairs the liver.

Speaking to Sri Lankan news agency Lankapuvath, Hettige said these are the main aspects of the body that are affected by dengue fever.

There is a condition to this remedy, however.

According to Hettige, the papaya leaf juice will not be as effective during the final stages of dengue fever since, by then, the patient's organs are already badly affected by the disease.

Given this, he suggested that patients consume the remedy as early as possible.

Juice recipe

Hettige said adults should consume 10 ml of fresh papaya leaf juice (without water, salt or sugar) twice a day, along with their prescribed medication, to get its full effect.

Kids aged between 5 and 12, meanwhile, were asked to take in 5 ml 2 times a day.

Here's how to make papaya leaf juice, as told by Hettige to Lankapuvath:

1. Take fresh, mature leaves from a papaya tree. Leaves from the "Red Lady" papaya (papaw) variety are more effective.

2. Wash the leaves with clean water.

3. Crush the leaves in a pestle, without water or salt.

4. Squeeze the crushed leaves to extract the juice.

Durian also a cure?

Durian, known for its distinct taste and odor, is also rumored to be a cure for dengue fever. Like papaya leaves, durian is said to do wonders to a patient's platelet count.

In a hospital in Davao City, several dengue patients are consuming the fruit in hopes of recovering from the disease, a local newspaper reported over the weekend.

The Department of Health, however, said that no study has been conducted yet on the efficacy of durian on dengue fever cases.

"There's no established proof yet," Dr. Jo-anne Lobo, specialist in infectious diseases among children, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Dengue fever is an acute illness caused by a bite of a striped Aedes aegypti mosquito. In the Philippines, dengue fever outbreaks usually occur during the rainy season, or from June to September.

Common symptoms include fever, headache, rashes, severe muscle pain, and a drop in platelet count. In extreme cases, hemorrhaging and death can follow.

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