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May 01, 2012



Lets face it..the global oil crisis coupled with the potential billions to be had guarantees that oil exploration and drilling WILL happen. The lure of money and the power of greed outweigh any environmental or public concerns. The question is how are the Bahamians are going to benefit? If they get to benefit. I see a lot of foreign involvement especially in the expertise needed to drill for oil since we are venturing into an unchartered area. After all, whose going to help structure a contingency plans and environmental protection? Very few Bahamians would have that kind of knowledge which means relying on foreign direction.

While we may be able to train a few Bahamians for simple jobs, to have Bahamians in supervisory positions will take time, money and education. There are already several occupations in the Bahamas were the foreigners dominate the field and a little knowledge trickle down to the Bahamians (banking and construction. After all if their expertise weren't needed, (enough Bahamians could do the job), then why would they still be here in these top level positions?

I personally believe we should be moving away from fossil fuel and investing in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Natural sources of energy that are affordable and available. But of course, these ideas will only be entertained once they can be monetized.

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