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June 26, 2012


Leon Griffin

To say that it is waste of time for the Gov't to go after CWC when it should be doing other things with the recovery of the economy is littery hog wash.

The Public was not getting all of its answers from the former Gov't when the negotations were going on and at the end left many questions unanswered. Why not a commission of inquiry.

You said that this would not be good in the investor or the international world as they would see us as being not good for investments. Don't forget the I-Group. Parliament dealt with this matter by the PLP Gov't and The Ingraham Gov't came behind and changed things.What is the differences in your inferences. Did the FNM gained investors confidence?

The People need answers and they sure as hell won't get it from you and your likes.

larry smith

Since you see this issue in a conspiratorial partisan framework, let me point out the following:

On this deal, the process was far more open and the available information far greater than they were with the Bluewater deal under the PLP (with Brave Davis as Bluewater's lawyer).

There is no way in hell that we should go back to state control of the telecoms industry, which is what this is all about.


A great article, but one thing that hasn't been explained by the Government yet is why we would want to reclaim the 2%. Have they given any reasons yet?

larry smith

"We were seeking to divest the government of The Bahamas of 49% of the shares of BTC – not 51%, only 49%. The difference, then as now, is absolutely crucial. With 51% you are the majority owner and ultimately in control. With 49% on the other hand, you are in the minority with all the usual disadvantages and drawbacks."

-- Contribution to the debate on sale of BTC to Cable & Wireless by Perry Christie, March 23, 2011

larry smith

Like I said - state control.

Neilsen Beneby

I am a graduate student at the University of Miami in the field of Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Power Systems.My undergraduate studies were done at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I think that the statements by BEC Chairman Leslie Miller are very shortsighted, and if he pushes this ridiculous idea into the minds of the Bahamian people, this will continue to keep the Bahamas in third world status.

He is clearly poorly informed on, or simply oblivious to, the energy crisis that The Bahamas is experiencing. First and foremost, governments should not have any form of control in a nation's power generation because this creates a monopoly and limits competition. Governments should regulate a free market for investors.

Moving forward, The Bahamas should pursue alternative energy and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. At the very minimum, we should mandate that BEC and any future competitors generate 25% or more of their power from renewable sources.

In my personal opinion, wind farms on the family islands are an option and for Nassau, photovoltaic cells will best suit the city due to its major development.

I have studied solar cells and much work is needed in order for them to become the most reliable form of renewable energy, but with proper research it can be implemented into the existing power grid to reduce the dependency on the present diesel generators that are being used.

It is not sensible for the Bahamas to stay stagnant and make no major improvements in the energy sector.

While pursuing my Master's degree, I wish to do research in the area of power quality and renewable energy. One would be surprised to know how much energy is wasted because of improper equipment, or simply because of a lack of knowledge by system operators.

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