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July 02, 2012


Dr. Julius Theophilus

Mr. Smith, do not lower yourself by engaging in an academic discussion with Mr. Miller because it is fruitless. While I am fascinated by the Political Change as expressed by The Bahamian People in the past election, I am baffled by Mr. Miller's appointment. We need someone who is intelligent, educated, progressive and knows all facets of the arena that deals with BEC and the new sources of energy while maintaining a balance with the environment and providing efficient energy to the GREAT CITIZENS of the entire Bahamas. Mr. Miller's response was relegated to an old trick: Trying to insight a racial/class riot because of his profound IGNORANCE. The Bahamian Electorate will soon see that Mr. Miller is still, has always been and will remain in an arena where ignorance and self denial are the order of the day. I truly hope that Prime Minister Christie and his party does an exceptional job during these difficult times but this choice in Mr. Miller was a HORRIBLE one. While my Party loss the election and we (The FNM) need to seriously take stock of our current situation, as a Bahamian, I do not want The Bahamian People to suffer any more than they have too. Mr. Miller's appointment as BEC Chairman reeks of PAINFUL SUFFERING. God Bless The Bahamas and Her Wonderful Citizens. May God guide Prime Minister Christie in his decision making.

Enjoying the Circus.

Miller was actually an advocate of the LNG plant on Ocean Cay, which made no sense until one thought of the potential self interest that lay at that site!
(directorship, shareholder, King of the sand bank!)
Grand Bahama would have been host to Tractabel at the Freeport Harbor site, or Suez near the Burma oil site, which would have required more miles of underwater pipeline. These two combined efforts but too late as we had already shot the horse.
The problem with ocean cay, other than the Biminites aversion to it's proximity would have been Who would benefit easily? (population wise)
None easily I would say, as moving it around would add to the costs significantly.

Greg Buffington

Mr. Smith:

Due to changes in the US Rules and regulations the DOE License to ship to NFTA ( non free trade agreement) countries which the Bahamas is, has been delayed. The US Government is requiring that all LNG that is being exported to NFTA Countries must be done so from a Section 3C and Section 7 approved LNG producer. Unfortunately for the Bahamas there are none that meet this criteria available at this point in the USA. Carib Energy in conjunction with a company that we are in the midst merger is building such a facility which will be up and running by the end of 2013 making us the first new facility with the ability to send gas to the Bahamas. This is not a Greenfield site like others but a add on too an existing Cryogenic GTL facility in the Gulf Coast of the US. We very much would like to send our LNG to the Bahamas if the companies in the Bahamas are interested. However with that said this gas is being subscribed very quickly and many other places such as the USVI, Jamaica and others are already coming on board to purchase the limited amount of Gas available from our facilities. If the Bahamas are interested in Natural Gas then we hope to hear from somebody sooner than later.

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