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August 16, 2012


Lynette Isaacs

Steve I feel that the decline in our National Average stems from the deficency at the grade 1 level.

Our law mandates that children start school at the age of five (5)/grade 1. The government is not obligated to provide education prior to that. However, there are a few government preschools available. Unfortunately this is not enough. In keeping with international standards, 1st graders are expected to enter this level knowing their alphabet, vowel rules and sounds, and blends.

Sight words and sound out words should be intro to 1st grade. By the end of this level, reading should be a breeze.

The problem is that kids are entering this level and for some they have not been exposed to phonics and therefore, at the end of the 1st grade they can't read.

The deficency makes if difficult for the teacher to met her intended target for the school year.

The Government, if sincerely concern about the National Average, should make it mandatory/make provisions for children to start school at a preschool level and weed out all the existing Preschools/Day Care that do not meet Preschool Production Standards.

We should go into Finland and observe their education system, in order to improve ours; and I don't mean the persons who sit in high offices and rely on their friends to tell them whats going on in the schools.

Charles Carey

Again, the hegatives are emphasised. What solutions are being proposed?

larry smith

The negatives must be emphasised because the government and the education establishment have not been listening to civil society. The end result is that "almost half" of all students fail high school to live a life handicapped by functional illiteracy. That is the problem - not the kids who do well.

The first article above attempted to provide some perspective and context for education in the Bahamas. The second recounted a major private sector initiative (both unions and employers) to research and propose education reforms. Neither the Christie nor Ingraham administrations would give these ideas the time of day.

That was five and 10 years ago. Don't you think that's a negative that should be emphasised?

The Coalition for Education Reform produced two detailed documents that proposed solutions. They were totally ignored.

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