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September 05, 2012


Erik Russell

Thanks for focusing on and highlighting these comments Larry. I believe that her speech was the highlight and most important message of the entire convention last week. It contained the key elements to the real future of the United States, not just who the president will be after their next election.

About eight years ago, I spoke with an assistant headmaster at one of the government schools. They told me that one of the main hindrances to improving the education and intelligence of our students is the lack of a challenging curriculum. They told me of the high amount of repetition in the curriculum over multiple years. That teachers would teach the same thing on the same subjects repeatedly and students were not challenged to actually learn more, just learn a very narrow and small amount of information about a subject. Not only does this severely limit the amount of information and knowledge our students are learning, but it means that they are still struggling even after this high amount of repetition. I sometimes have conversations with Bahamians in their 20s about some key historical points in Bahamian history, and they say they have never heard these things before. They are simply not being taught it in our schools, public or private.

Frightening stuff.

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