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September 26, 2012



Outstanding article...well thought out and and well written.


There is no such thing as a lie, only the truth keeps changing.. As the road to Greece goes through Washington so goes the Bahamas as well.. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS


How can you attribute the reference to Obama conceiving "of America as the Shining City on the hill." That is a direct quote from President Ronald Reagan's address at the 1976 Republican Convention where he went on to win his second tern as President in a national landslide.. Could this be just another example where as always in Obama's case "there are no such things as lies, only the truth keeps changing".. Plagiarism or stealing somebody work or ideas is not "well thought out and well written".. Critics of Obama don't hate him as a person, they simply are opposed his policies that are destroying the American economy and make America's foreign policy look weak and without direction.. America's increasing Debt, its massive Deficit and depreciation Dollar is bring this once great nation to its knees.. Today freedom and liberty have never more been at stake..

On a more important note, as Bahamians we must be most concerned for we well know that as the United States goes, so goes the Bahamas.. Yet, we can not blame our failing economy on the Americans as our failings are a creation of ourselves.. Our Debt, our huge Deficit and our declining Dollar is the result of deficit spending policies pursued by both political parties taking us on the road to financial self-destruction.. Sic Semper Tryannis..

chinu obote

Stop skirting the issue. As long as you and people like you keep looking for the kkk behind every bush you miss the point that barry's policies are bankrupting this country. How many employers would allow a person 4 years on the job with nothing but a massive deficit and high unemployment to show for it?

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