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October 31, 2012


Dave Lawson

Hi Larry,
First of all the question of whether drilling should take place in the Bahamas is not a referendum matter it is for the government to decide that is why they are elected.

Second, what is there to decide, BPC have not had chance to put into effect the advanced technology which has become available since drilling last took place. In my opinion and under strict adherence to any new safety rules, an exploration well should be drilled then the Bahamans may have something to talk about win or loose.

Third, Deepwater Horizon did not belong to BP as in your tribune article they unfortunately hired a company short on safety ethics, BPC should not and I am sure will not make the same mistake. When drilling a well the responsibility for safety and good drilling practice lies firmly with the drilling contractor as will be shown when BP get into Transocean. As an example it was like a householder(BP) hiring a gardener(Transocean) who ignoring safety requirements and notices digs up the gas main and burns the house and those of the neighbours down.
This delay is having a devastating effect on the share price(I am a shareholder) and has put BPC's progress on hold, investors are jumping ship(I am still holding).
Oil discovery on a commercial basis well managed would lift the economy of the Bahamas considerably and benefit the population as it did for the UK in the North Sea.

Allan Spector

Read your article with interest.
My company submitted an application for an exploration license 2 years ago and has had several meetings with Earl with zero progress!

Our venture involves drilling an ONSHORE well to test a most genuine prospect. The venture has zero environmental risk... as described in our Environmental Impact Assessment document. The operation would provide employment for 150 Bahamians and if successful, it would reduce the financial burden of expensive electricity to this nation as well as benefit the Treasury.

I believe Earl and his staff enjoyed their Norway excursion. Their salmon is delicious

However, would it not have been more practical/expedient to visit Trinidad which has had oil/gas production for the last 75 years and currently produces $20 million per day of oil and gas and they speak English (not Norwegian)? The Caribbean nation of Trinidad has an excellent relationship with oil companies that expedite its natural resource development. As a geophysicist I have been involved in Trinidad exploration.

A copy of their regulations is available for $25 and could be adapted to the Bahamas overnight. Please send somebody to Port of Spain to get a copy or if money is a problem, have it sent by mail.

larry smith

A few points of order.

@Dave - I agree that the question of drilling does not need to be the subject of a referendum. But it does require full public discussion of all the issues involved - and that has yet to happen.

The Deepwater Horizon rig may have been subcontracted but BP was ultimately responsible and paid billions in compensation as a result. It is remarkable that a company as large and experienced as BP could get into this much trouble.

@Allan - Deveaux's trip to Norway came after an internal review of oil regimes in Alaska, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad and Norway. The government preferred the Norwegian model. The trip to Norway was combined with the Bahamas Maritime Authority's AGM and LJM meetings, and was underwritten by the BMA.

I also note that your application to drill on Long Island came after the moratorium had been announced.

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