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November 10, 2012



This is not a split; the United States is broken.. But even worst, the country is financially broke and now is looking at a 22 trillion dollar deficit over the next four years.. Just this past week, hundreds of corporations announced massive layoffs as the private sector votes no confidence in America near-term future.. Next year every American can expect to pay over $2,100 MORE in taxes which will dry up discretionary income which might have been added to meager savings.. Another severe recession is on the horizon which will cause permanent destruction to the economy from which recovery will be severely limited.. The social and economic forces that today are changing the United States are a road map to economic and financial self-destruction..


is that your opinions no matter who won or because the democrats won?

Osprey Rocks

Ahh - the less populated, very red American states. Disproportionate consumers of, but not lovers of, federal tax dollars. Recipients of disproportionate representation in the United States Senate (California two senators, Mississippi two senators). Unloved by entrepreneurs, venture capital, stem cell research, high technology and educators. How'd that happen?

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