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January 22, 2013


richard coulson

You cover the situation very well, without waffling about your final opinion. I too am in favor of a Yes vote, despite my shooting down the proposal to offer shares of gaming houses.

It will be interesting to see what line Govt. takes if we have a Yes vote on both questions. Can both systems, inevitably in competition with each other, be profitable and provide good service?

I was impressed with Mr. Rigby tonight, complaining that a much more specific proposal, an actual bill, should have been drafted and presented for the vote.

In a perfect world, the best solution would be for everybody to abstain and compel government to try again, creating much clearer issues for voters to consider – but our world is not perfect, so we have to vote on what is now laid before us.

larry smith

All governments have tacitly approved web shop gaming by accepting biz license fees, NIB payments, etc - and by not making any serious efforts to enforce the law over many decades. How can we now be so self-righteous about such a widespread and accepted activity?

Jamaal Miller

Well written. As always, thanks.

bill thompson

Kudos on your great article which correctly addressed all sides of the issue and you are so right about much ado about nothing. I think the important lesson from history is that you can’t legislate morality, ie, prohibition, prostitution, etc. People will find a way to do what they want to do. At the end of the day any government action must be in the public interest.

1) If poor people insist on giving the little money they have to the web shop owners, so be it. But get some of it back in taxes because those same people’s children need education, medical services and retirement income. Therefore regulate the web shops, make their business’s more expensive to run by having them hire auditors, make them report to a government regulator and pay a healthy tax rate to compensate for the trouble they cause society like alcohol.

2) Create a government run lottery to sate the public appetite for gambling and reduce the financial leakage that goes to the Florida lottery. it will pay for itself and help increase government revenue and reduce debt growth.

keep up the great articles.

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