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January 29, 2013


larry smith

Since this was written, the government has ordered web shop owners to cease their gaming operations or face prosecution. But lawyer Wayne Munroe filed an injunction in the Supreme Court on behalf of the owners, pending a hearing before the Chief Justice, on the basis that webshop gaming in the Bahamas is not illegal. "They (webshops) are outside the jurisdiction of what the law maintains,” he said. The injunction was granted and web shops remain open.

larry smith

The deluge of half-hearted reporting, FB posts, online comments, letters, talk show comments, political rhetoric, etc shows that no-one understands what the Bahamian gaming industry is all about (and I don't exclude myself). It is an exercise in terrible governance for our so-called leaders not to have educated the public - and themselves - on these matters before engaging in such a pointless vote. At a cost of a million dollars in cash and much more in political capital.

Sigmund Willis

I offer the following comments: The matter of gambling will be resolved. The issue to be addressed is how does the government use the "grandfather clause" to put it in place. The web shops will be the first phase as these will become null and void with a national lottery. The word "grandfathered" means to grant a special exception. More clearly, to "grandfather" something is to allow certain situations to exist based on an older rule, even though a new rule is in place now.

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