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May 28, 2013


larry smith

NEMA Warning issued today (May 28): Residents throughout the archipelago should brace themselves for excessively prolonged rainfall throughout the day and lasting through Friday night.

A broad area of moist unstable air extending southwest to northeast from the Caribbean Sea will generate heavy rainfall and thunderstorms across the entire archipelago. Conditions will be favourable for flash flood warning in low-lying areas.

Winds are expected to reach 30 miles per hour or more in embedded thunderstorms. Tornadoes are likely to be spawned from the thunderstorms. A severe thunder storm watch or warning with the possibility of tornadoes will be issued when it is indicated by the weather radar or sighted by spotters.

The Department of Meteorology is appealing to residents in flood prone areas to be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Residents are advised not to drive, walk or play in flood waters as the depth can easily be misjudged. All efforts should be made to protect lives and property.

All advice and notifications by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) should be heeded.

larry smith


larry smith

"For example, the Lynden Pindling airport now being redeveloped at great expense will flood as the water table rises in response to higher sea level. The College of the Bahamas in Oakes Field is barely a foot above sea level and already floods when it rains, so this will only get worse. In fact, experts say that inland inundation and salinisation will become huge issues because our groundwater is tidal and directly linked to sea level.

And of course, these forecasts do not take account of storm surges or other coastal effects. So they give only a partial picture of vulnerability."

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