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May 22, 2013


Jermiane Messam

My opinion on the NIB and Algernon Cargill debacle is that Algernon Cargill should be charge before the courts and if found guilty sent to jail.

You also mentioned that under his stewardship how NiB assets grew, it had to grow because under his stewardship small business and self employed persons went before the courts and demanded to pay and don't leave a balance.

Algernon Cargill is a disgrace if in fact all the allegations levied against him is true. He should be punish. He caused it hard for a lot of small business persons like myself.

Jermiane Messam

How would you like it if you were running a successful business and hired me as a manager and I then in turn use your company assets to patronize my personal family businesses?

Or use your company assets to bring business to my own family members, is that right? Is this is what you are saying is right?

These are the allegations levied against Mr. Cargill. You wrote in your article on May 22nd for the general public to look at all the good things Mr. Cargill did while serving as director of NIB, but never mind these allegations of nepotism on his part.

Larry Smith

Well I have to pay NIB for my small business - why shouldn't you? Not to mention all the politically connected bigwigs and folks like Wendall Jones. Enforcing the rules fairly is not a criminal act.

In your second comment you are referring to conflict of interest - which is rampant in this town and very difficult to avoid because of our small interrelated population. In principle I agree with you, but the quote from PGC that I included suggests that he doesn't.

I also said I would not attempt to litigate the NIB case as it was before the court. I only took a look at the official record, and the record suggests good management.

larry smith

Under the previous Christie administration, when NIB was managed by Lennox McCartney, admin expenses increased from 20 to 27 per cent - much higher growth than inflation. That is an indication of poor management. Under Cargill's management, expenses decreased significantly while income increased.

larry smith

The executive bonuses that Cargill and others received were not cited by the Board as a reason for his dismissal, but this is the issue I am more concerned about. On principle I do not agree with huge financial bonuses for highly paid executives. However, in the final analysis expenses were declining.

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