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July 16, 2013


Stephen Aranha

You can watch the 1916 movie featuring the "pirate/slave" steps online: http://archive.org/details/20000LeaguesUndertheSea

Anthony A Newbold

Great article Larry...

How do we so easily continue to loose sight of what's important?

By the way, how dare you question the motives of the "Saviour of The Bahamas"?:)..

Heaven help us all......


Thanks for the info.

Susan Millar

Thank you for casting a sane light on this drama...and for the interesting true history of the site.

Sherrill Callender

Well done Larry. The false, inflammatory, and ridiculous statements made by Nygard and lapped up by the gullible and unsuspecting Bahamian public is maddening. Let's hope that this accurate accounting of Clifton and Nygard and the Nygard/Bacon brouhaha will get the attention of the Bahamian public in general so then they may be able to have a rational perspective. ALL of the bays and seacoasts of the Bahamas need to be protected. On another but connected note; I understand that a month old study is out that says grouper stocks are down to 1% of what they were 30 years ago. Why isn't that on the front pages of our newspapers and in the news? Grouper isn't even commercially viable anymore and what is going to be done about it? Where are the BNT and BREEF statements about this? The only thing that may work is a three year moratorium on grouper and to get the fishermen to concentrate on fishing for the lion fish which is also a huge threat to groupers. They are a delicious fish too! Thanks for your terrific sane article.
Sherrill Callender

kirk lopez

This is an informative article and I would grateful if you be so kind as to share the references for the historical "excerpts" cited in the story, please. Thanks very much...

larry smith

Adderley's interview was published in the 2000 edition of the Bahamas Historical Society journal. An article on the early history of the Clifton plantation was published in the 2007 BHS journal. I researched the more recent history myself.

Information on Williamson's early efforts can be found here.... http://www.thanhouser.org/tcocd/Filmography_files/086kaj.htm


Simon Rodéhn

Larry, thank you for this enlightening detail. One important point that was left out was the fact that for many years Nygard protected himself from the "permit people" by hosting members of not only the PLP but also many from the FNM. This "influence" enabled Nygard to operate with impunity during the past 25 years beginning with blocking public access around Simm's point beach from North point beach.

Harold Munnings

Thanks Larry. As always, level-headed.

Rick Lowe

I see the Pied Piper gave you dishonourable mention as well?
This story gets more bizarre every day.

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