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August 12, 2013



What about IAT's work in Freeport since the late 1970s, which was only closed after pressure from the AMA under Dr. Marcus Bethel's watch? http://immunemedicine.com/

larry smith

the Immune Augmentative Therapy Centre in Freeport opened in 1977. It was closed for a period in recent years for regulatory reasons. I do not think they offer stem cell treatment. Immuno-augmentative therapy was developed by Lawrence Burton, Ph.D., a zoologist who claimed that it could control all forms of cancer by restoring natural immune defenses. He claimed to accomplish this by injecting blood serum proteins isolated with processes he had patented.

Bob Knaus

Larry, if you want to do a history piece on the topic, how about the cancer clinic at Whale Point, Eleuthera, in the early 1980s? They promised chelation and chiropractic as a cure. Have we progressed much since then?

larry smith

Yes we have, but the risks of bad actors coming in are still there. You are referring to the late Dr Herbert Ray Evers, who provided chelation treatment for cancer at the Whale Point Clinic in the 1980s. His medical license was revoked in 1986 "for the practice of medicine in a manner likely to endanger health". The treatment led to a probe by the Food and Drug Administration. Chelation therapy involves injecting a mild acid, sometimes used as a food preservative, into the patient's bloodstream. According to a 1984 story in the New York Times, "chelation was implicated by Federal officials a decade ago in the deaths of 14 people at a clinic in Louisiana run by Dr. Herbert Ray Evers. Dr. Evers has since relocated his operations to Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas."

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