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January 29, 2014


Dr Robert Fritz

1. Please stop all exports of conch meat immediately.

2. Close conch fishing like we do for grouper, until the conch population returns to 50/hectare concentration.

3. Place strict limits on the number of conch that can be taken during an open season.

Thank you.

al rogers

This data and argument should be abbreviated to a one-page big letter SIMPLE presentation which could be presented to every boater entering the Bahamas. We cruisers simply must be contributing the the problem. Controlling the local fishermen may not even be possible but that, too, would be worth a try.

Buck Gebhart

I agree. Close the fishery until the population is replenished.

Gael Carlson

Clearly need restrictions on harvest and export. As a boater/snorkeler/diver I have observed a noticeable decline in conch grouper and lobster. Government needs to act sooner rather than later.

George V. Wise, III

I am not from the Bahamas but love every aspect the area has to offer. To hear that the Conch population has declined in the Bahamas is a scary thought. Knowing that Conch is such an important part of life to the residents of the Bahamas I ask the Question: Has the idea of Conch farming been researched to aid in taking the pressure off "wild Conch". If so how could it be introduced as an opportunity for its residents.

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