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February 26, 2014


Harcourt Bethel

Interesting article, but one main item left our / not covered, one of SECURITY;the Govt. has to address the crime element for any of this to be successful, wouldn't you say?


Thoughtful article: When I think of business, I imagine a continuous effort to develop the product. Disney World is a great example of product development. It’s like clockwork, ongoing, everyday. As a customer you see this happening right before your eyes. Additionally, there is an underlined assumption that Disney values its customers, and respects that they have paid good hard earned money for the experience.

As a Bahamian and an International Student in the US, I often brace myself when someone shares that they had recently visited the Bahamas. It’s unfortunate, but you just never know what they will say. The Bahamas today is not the Bahamas I grew up in, a place where we at least appeared to offer a consistent product. The critique is that people had either been approached by someone trying to sell them drugs, or there was nothing to do in Nassau.

This is certainly a sad state of affairs because it seems as if we are sitting back and waiting for the bottom to fall out. This article points out that our leaders lack one of the most important attributes of a public servant, that is to leave legacies for future generations.

Pam Burnside

Thank you for your insights, Mr Smith. As the co-founder of 'Creative Nassau', which is comprised of a passionate group of concerned citizens who love The Bahamas, we have been working assiduously since 2008 to develop a programme grounded in Bahamian Art, Culture and Heritage in order to revitalize the outdated model tourism product of sun, sand and sea, realizing that it must be approached from the INSIDE OUT....ie from within the heart of the community in a public/private collaborative effort in order to succeed. We are presently in the process of submitting an application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network seeking membership as a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art based on our straw and junkanoo traditions. The public will be hearing more about our plans very shortly!

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