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February 11, 2014


Ann Marie Hanson

Very informative. I was not aware of the recycling programs mentioned here. Perhaps making the public more aware would increase the amount of recycling. I would gladly separate my waste into different bags. Perhaps drop zones at shopping centres, super markets, or wherever is convenient,, could be implemented. Places where the public can being their tin/aluminium cans, old batteries, etc. In the UK every household has separate containers for waste...glass, tin/aluminium, plastic, paper.

This article has certainly encouraged me to rework the way I dispose of my household/garden waste in Nassau.

Ginny McKinney

Advertising for more public awareness is a point well taken, but it was financial constraints that led Cans for Kids to focus on getting the message across through the schools.

It costs so much money to keep advertising and keeping the subject in front of the public, who are quickly lured by the next story and forget the ads or articles (no matter how well written they are) highlighting the social and environmental issues.

We all need to take on these issues and be the force that makes them happen on a larger scale - encourage 10 of your friends to recycle their cans and ask them to get another 10 friends each to recycle aluminium cans, green waste, cardboard, batteries, etc. If we did that we would get recycling going on the grass root level which would give it the volume to allow it to become a viable exercise.

We can do it we don't need to wait for the government.

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