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March 13, 2014


Truth Hurts

Outstanding article, well-articulated and thoughtfully written...!!! It's about time Myles Monroe is called out for his anti-gay, homophobic, and un-christianlike behavior... Amen, Amen, and, Amen.

Duke Earl

Poor dear Simon, let us proceed slowly. If I recall the facts correctly, Minister Mitchell was in Trinidad giving a speech that was meant to be about saving Caricom. In the course of those remarks he mentioned that his personal career has been hampered by his support of the rights of homosexuals and lesbians. This statement brought a swift rejoinder from Dr. Munroe, who claimed that the Mitchell should have kept his comments on the matter to himself as they did not “represent the majority of the convictions of the Bahamian people”. I tend to think he meant to say the “convictions of the majority of the Bahamian people” but no matter.

The Minister, Mitchell not Munroe, then went on to say that no one knows his personal views because he has never given them. He hasn't? Really? Didn't he just say that his career had been hampered by his support for the rights of homosexuals and lesbians? Was his expression of support for the rights of homosexuals and lesbians not his personal view? So the Minister's career has been hampered for taking a stand on something that was not his personal view? I don't think he's thought this through. Of course Minister Mitchell has given his personal view; and he further claims that the giving of it has cost him no small amount of political support. So, lets dispatch with that canard.

Apart from whether you might agree with Min. Mitchell's belief that his career has been harmed by his support for the rights of homosexuals, Dr. Munroe's observation, that Mitchell's comments do not represent the views of the majority of the Bahamian people, is undoubtedly true. What is ironic is that certain partisans have uncharacteristically rallied to Min. Mitchell's defence not long after enjoying a bellylaugh at his expense when he was excoriated in the media for his assumed sexual orientation. I needn't remind you of the many odious comments directed at Mitchell by the little missed John Marquis who seemed to delight in reminding us of the rumors attached to the Minister at every opportunity. I have long felt that had those comments been directed at any other politician, they would not have been made, and certainly would not have been tolerated. Nonetheless, we thank God for small mercies and we are, mercifully, no longer subjected to Mr. Marquis's bigoted comments.

Anyway, your article is more a defence of the normalization of homosexuality, which is an argument should stand on its own merit rather than your attempting to shoehorn your position into a what is really a row over the line between ministerial duties and personal conviction. In that argument I tend to side with the Minister; Munroe that is. Had Minister Mitchell said that “the position of the Government of The Bahamas is a firm support for the full human rights of homosexuals and lesbians”, then he clearly would have been within his prerogative as that is a statement of fact. Any complaints to the contrary could have easily been dismissed as the detritus of a era that is slowly receding. Unfortunately, was not the case. The Minister's foray, perhaps unscripted, into his personal beliefs lead him to a direct confrontation with Bahamian morality; such as it is, or more accurately into a confrontation with Bahamian notions of morality. Credit must be given to Mitchell who, Don Quixote like, continues his assault on Bahamian sexual mores but a commentator should be guided by a kind of “truth in agenda” code. Spare us the legerdemain and state your case; we are mature enough to hear it without the agenda.

You know

This is the most ridiculous article ever. Obviously you have not read the Bahamian Constitution. Educate yourself before writing...

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