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June 30, 2014


jamaal curry

You are clearly living in a fantasy world, one in which your relationship to the perpetrators of this crime prohibits you from recognising the brutality and destruction that they inflicted on African people. I can't believe that you are so delusional that you are actually trying to absolve everyone of responsibility. Nobody card about racial harmony and the links between black and white economics while my people were enslaved for four hundred years. It is laughable that you take your ideas seriously. You are giving goevernor Smyth a pass because he wanted to remove corporal punishment from female slaves? He probably did so so he could have full enjoyment and access to females, who they viewed as cattle for their pickings. People like you could be Nazis, because it takes a malicious and uncaring mind to disregard atrocity when it stares you in the face. You speak of the incremental achievements in the Bahamas for black citizens, but we are a people with a foreign tongue, religion, culture, a scarred mind and body, and fractured family structure. The people who came here were noble, knowledgeable, peaceful, forgiving,wise and intellectual descendants of a proud and long history and tradition. We were reduced and beaten into submission, attacked psychologically and physically, and now are a people given to all manner of vice. We owe this to our fateful encounter with whites from england, France and Spain. All three nations facilitated slavery with legislation and business registrars. Don't be ridiculous

larry smith

Here's an alternative view from a black Bahamian who posted in Facebook:

(1) far from being a sea of underprivileged masses, the peoples of the Anglophone Caribbean count among them the only examples of High Human Development and High income majority black societies anywhere on earth.

(2) Even those few Caribbean countries not listed as High Income and High Human Development (such as Jamaica) far outstrip any African country in those respects.

(3) Slavery was (and sadly still is) an endemic west African cultural practice that had long been abolished in Western Europe prior to the unfortunate decision of European governments to engage in the trade and export of slaves purchased from those African societies they encountered on the guinea coast.

In light of all of the above, I would suggest that you seek reparations from the government of Nigeria or, even better, count your blessings that you were born in a country still living out the harrowing vestiges of capitalism and slavery.

Do I blame Africa for slavery? Certainly. There was a lot of blame to go around on this one, but I do not turn my eye away from the fact that African cultures still have a long way to go in this regard. If you read international media, you would know it is STILL a major issue in many west african societies.

History is something we cannot help. Slavery was disgusting, whether perpetrated by white against black or black against black. Read my earlier post for my view of the racial aspect of it.

But I ALSO know that those who are determined to see themselves as victims forever will do so DESPITE obvious evidence that they are far from the most pitiable souls on the planet, NOTWITHSTANDING historical adversity.

Wallow if you like. But I recommend getting over it and recognising your blessings once in a while.

jamaal curry

The blame that you are feebly attributing to Africa for slavery is unsubstantiated, many groups on the continent were overpowered by European brutality and disease, then used against neighbouring villages. The white supremacist bigots who enslaved African people did so for over four centuries, all of which is contained in the record of history. The failings of modern Africa were incubated by more European political subversion, Cecil Rhodes made sure to divide the land and the spoils.

larry smith

This article was not written by me, and neither was the previous comment.

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