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July 07, 2014


done with them all

I could care less how Democratic Mr. Christie is, or feels, or believes he is:
The Bahamas is a constitutional Monarchy, with all the structures and rules pertaining thereto.
We use a democratic process for voting, and seem intent to screw that up given half the chance to stack the deck.
It is this that has been destroyed, disregarded,and bypassed by the likes of Christie, Ingraham and Pindling, and their loyal and either blind or simple adherents.
Once you remove the rules based system, from the top to bottom I would add,
there is nothing left but rule by personality.(and pretty vapid ones at that, save the occasional rabid sycophant)
Nothing is left to be counted upon, relied upon or taken as a given.
Today in the good graces, tomorrow under the bus.
So, the question is really, why do the Majority of us, (if the polls are to be believed)
Vote time and time again for a vacuum, even if flavored differently?
Is this what we really believe in?
Meanwhile, it is the average Bahamian, rich and poor that is gonna feel the pain of exorbitant taxation and economic stagnation brought about by electing those who should be committed, not elected!
Own it Bahamas, it is yours, and the reflection in the mirror is pathetic.

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