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August 19, 2014


Stephen Aranha

And why haven't the amendments to the amendments been made public yet? I myself have several grave concerns. While the bills are generally an improvement of the status quo, the first three maintain current inequalities, add another component of inequality, and have - in a worst case scenario - the potential to increase gender inequality in our constitution.

Sean Munnings

Bahamians should be cautious when making changes to the constitution:
Ref: - "Proposition 22 was a law enacted by California voters in March 2000 to restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples. In May 2008, it was struck down by the California Supreme Court as contrary to the state constitution." - wiki
The Bahamian electorate should ensure that the Constitution in the future is not deemed to be conflicting with itself by in one hand saying that the legislature should not discriminate by sex (male or female) but include an exception in The Matrimonial Clauses Act stating that in The Bahamas a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. If men and women are equal and interchangeable then the marriage exception is subject to challenge. "Article 26 of the Constitution should be amended to prohibit the making of any law that discriminates against any person either of itself or in its effect on the basis of sex except as stated in the Constitution in reference to marriage."

larry smith

"Article 26 shall not apply to any law so far as that law makes provision- (c) with respect to adoption, marriage, divorce, devolution of property on death or other matters of law."

there is also a an exception granted for discrimination in the the carrying on of gambling.

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