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August 05, 2014


Linda J Thomson

Well written Larry. It sounds like a joke, but it is not. We always pay our bill on time because we know our power will be cut of if we do not pay. Our gardener knows that his power will be cut off if he doesn't pay so he borrows from us if he has to, and he always repays us in good time. Do other non payers not have their power cut off? This is a minor issue compared with the rest of the MESS.
Do we laugh or cry?

Patrick Thomson

This is such a serious issue that it should be raised weekly until there is some sort of resolution. Leslie Miller obviously is either crazy or being feed conflicting information but I think the former is , more likelyj and certainly cabinet government is a joke. No one discuses anything and particularily any issue that needs a decision. The country appears to be staggering from one crisis to another and it certainly is not the Bahamas I have known over the last 45 years. How can we influence how the country is run? We seem to be in a hopeless situation because if something is not done soon, the Bahamas will be a fourth world country.
We are at the moment sitting in Scotland and waiting for the outcome of the Referendum on Independence - another ghastly story. Wish I had column like yours here.

Dave Lakin

Great article Larry!! Is your power still on?

done with them all

Well put Larry, That this Man sits anywhere near a position of authority, much less something so critical to the people of the Bahamas is downright ludicrous!
Between his outbursts of obvious chauvinism and ignorance and his admissions of his own behavior with respect of paying his bills I'm starting to think mercury poisoning must be occurring!
Mad as a Hatter.
his outlandish rational of "we're all doing it" perhaps shows the true level of intellect we are dealing with.
Meanwhile, here we sit 40 years behind most first world countries on Solar,
and almost dead last in the Caribbean (33th out of 34 on planned, installed or policy)

larry smith

LM wouldn't be concerned about little ole me.

sittin in da dark

Well reported Larry. For an additional chuckle (this would be funny if not so really serious) have a look at BEC's fiasco of a $100 million plus don't think you will truly have power new power plant in Abaco. 4 12 MW generators bought and within a coupla years only two are working. One was burned out and the second scavenge d for parts. We still havin blackouts after all that.

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