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February 18, 2015


                           Diane Cartwright

We have the same problem on russell island although it has been better recently and mostly burned when the wind is out of the south, which takes it out to sea, it still remains a health hazard and needs to be moved to Eleuthera. As was promised last year.

Lindy Munnings

I have been smelling the burning dump all the way in Sans Souci. When I lived on Harrold Road decades ago I complained when it first occurred, wrote letters to Cabinet, and all I got was scoffing. No one listens. Not then , not now, because there's no reward.

larry smith

The Harrold Road site was financed and designed by IDB to be a proper sanitary landfill, replacing the Big Pond dump back in the late 90s (there is a big difference between a dump and a sanitary landfill). But it has never been operated properly, and has gone from bad to worse with no remediation whatsoever. Successive governments have failed to address the problems in any way (this is a boilerplate phrase I use frequently). Here's a good article to help understand landfill fires. http://www.waste-management-world.com/.../understanding...

Understanding landfill fires
nbsp; emLandfill fires occur frequently. In the USA there are around 8300 fires per year, and in the UK around 300....

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