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February 18, 2015



Hello Larry,

I always enjoy reading your stories..this one ranks up there with best stories that you write so eloquently.

I wanted to share this story I wrote for circulation in the media.




Ramone Forbes

This article is spot on. And I dare say the Christie was right about doing things "when they had to". They allowed government workers to double dip until they couldn't afford to pay them. They allowed taxes to be evaded until the IMF forced their had to deal with our debt. In the Bahamas too often we wait until our slack behavior spirals out of control then we want to patch it up rather than doing the right thing from the beginning and avoiding a potential train wreck later.

This week an article was in the Tribune concerning copper export and the huge financial burden it is placing on the victims who are being robbed continuously. The PM has had years and has not done anything to stop the issue for the long haul. I guess he's waiting until it affects him personally.

Our politicians are too unregulated. We need to demand more transparency and fiscal responsibility otherwise no matter how much tax funds they collect we will continue to spiral downward.

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