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May 20, 2015


Méliton de Sardes

Deciding that it is important to protect the marine resources of The Bahamas is easy, but one has to ask the question - how will we go about doing this? The Bahamas is a wide expanse of islands and cays whose borders and sea markings are dubious at best. Securing our marine resources would first be an issue of fundamentally protecting our country’s external borders.

The illegal immigration problem clearly demonstrates our incapability to be masters of our own domain, and this is not all that surprising. Adequately protecting land resources require constant attention and cutting edge technology, while sufficiency protecting our ocean resources, is a monster in and of itself. The unique geographical landscape of our country certainly does not help.

My belief is that if our inhabited islands can operate independently from each other - countries within a country, so to say, then might we be able to adequately protect our marine resources. Written laws and marine protected areas can only go so far, enforcement is necessary, but to sufficiently do that we need the power of our forces to be matched, not just in a few areas of The Bahamas, but throughout the entire geographical scope. This may in turn only happen when remote parts of our country become more populated.

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