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June 16, 2015



Another...Coral Harbour...Such huge devlopments have no place in the Bahamas. It ruins ecology and arr sources of energy/ water/ transports problems.This is just a total absurdity( guess why..$$$$$)
Meanwhile,Cuba is opening...
Why all this just for the benefit of some investor$$$$$ I sincerely hope they will lose a lot of money!


The sheer number of big and small development projects that get into trouble in the Bahamas appear to indicate that the government lacks the technical expertise to sort out the speculators, fantasists, charlatans, and other hopefuls who lack the experience, skills, and financial backing to have a high chance of doing what they say that they will do.
This may well be an inherent problem of a small country where not all the many facets of government can be adequately capable because of budgetary limitations. However, considering the national importance of these development projects maybe this is an area that needs to be beefed up at the cost of less critical departments. The lack of sufficient, competent technocrats to evaluate and oversee development projects inevitably means that the politicians have to take the strain with equally inevitable results.

keith Scanlon

Sad, yet another bit of USA bad taste, overdone, oversized & making the place look like other distasteful resorts that go up in the world. A shame, Nassau in the 70's was gentle tasteful architecture without the 'show - off ' syndrome. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH PIERRE but greed rules the world & the poor will get more desperate.

Linda J Thomson

I certainly do not want anyone to lose a lot of money - as Pierre commented. I think all Bahamains want it to succeed, except Pierre. But it is scary at this time. Thank you Larry for keeping us posted as well as can be.

Patrick H Thomson

Sad as said and it Does appear the Bahamas Government lacks the ability to organize a project of this size. The Chinese may have lots of money but if you do not understand how they operate you get "taken". I think neither Christie nor Izmirlian understand the Chinese and it seems from Larry's article that they were a last ditch attempt to save the project. I hope Christie has figured into the equation whether the Bahamas infrastructure and transport system can cope with the hoped increase in tourists otherwise the Bahamas will get more egg on its face and the tourist industry will be given another blow - Cuba here we come. Does anyone other than the people trying to get jobs really care about the future of the Bahamas as all the Politicians do is posture and fight In the Assembly. Larry keep them on their toes somehow and I do feel sorry for the Izmirlians- great article.


It seemed illogical to place a project of that magnitude in Nassau from the onset. I believe the project would have been successful had it been branded as an opportunity to develop another island, create jobs but shift the attention from an already crime infested capital.



I'll just leave this right here...


I agree with Rochelle; this development should have been on Grand Bahama. I never could understand why the tiny island of New Providence should have both Atlantis and Baha Mar.

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