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August 29, 2015


Leandra Esfakis

Doing the right thing at the right time remains the holy grail for our polticians, professionals and project managers.
I believe it is true to say that on a per capita basis, the Bahamas ranks 2nd in the world of having the most Olympic medals.
The vision, discipline, dedication and integrity put into those achievements by our athletes are examples to all Bahamians. It is not enough to stand by and cheer when our team brings home another Olympic medal. If we want to be truely proud of being Bahamian, we would carve out a healthy and sustaninable vision, and apply the same standard of excellence and integrity to our national endeavours, and each of our individual jobs, whatever they may be.


The only qualification that "developers" have needed is an image of having money, and a wild fantasy. Nobody ever checked on their competence, experience, or true financial backing. That is why the country is full of failed projects, and undeveloped land occupied by speculators who are taking their time to pursue outlandishly high prices while not being required to pay their annual property taxes.
Can there be any doubt why a country with priceless natural assets is stagnating?


Knowing one of these parties personally, i can say they hve "never" and "will never" be thick as comrades.....

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