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August 25, 2015


Robert Sands

An impressively concise and informative piece. I hope that the realities of history will sink in to the minds of the Bahamian diaspora and allow them to appreciate the efforts of the British to defend the anti-slavery position, while it was the intention of the United States confederacy to continue the status quo. I look forward to reading Dickey's publication.

P Barratt

A brilliant piece of writing Larry! It helps us understand the tie between the Bahamas and the South. President Carter wrote a very interesting book about this period called the Hornets Nest. He cites the story of a female slave who helped the British capture Savanna. She eventually came to the Bahamas. PB

david rounce

I found your article in today's tribune most interesting, in particular the quotes from the southern states' secession declarations.

It struck a chord is because earlier this year, on a short trip to Savannah, GA., I purchased a book called "The Wanderer". It tells the story of a luxury yacht that was turned into a slave ship and was the last ship to transport slaves to the USA from Africa. As background to the voyage, it contains much information about the enormously wealthy merchant-class of Savannah and the South who wanted to maintain slavery and cotton as a business model!

I think you would enjoy the book, if you have not already done so. It was written by Erik Calonius and published by St. Martin's Griffin.

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