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September 27, 2015



This is not America and there is no legislation in place which says that the government has to have town meetings before it an approve a project.

Deron Isaacs

Quite frankly, I never thought I'd see the day that anyine would rule against a sitting government! The fact that he has Isaacs as his surnane makes me proud! Secondly, I didn't think another attourney would draw attention to such an event without fear. This shows testucular fortitude beyond measure! That she happens to be my church sister, makes this a super proud day for me! Way to go Justice Jon Isaacs and Attorney Leandra Esfakis!

larry smith

George needs to read the provisions of the Planning and subdivision Act, 2011, and the judgment of Justice Stephen Isaacs in the Blackbeard's Cay case, and reconsider his comment.



George your comment clearly outlines the apathy on which the Government depends upon the Bahamian people to demonstrate. The Christie administration openly flaunts the law and lines their own pockets with complete arrogance and disregard for the law, the country and its citizens.


Will we ever learn?

Abner Pinder

Just a few thoughts on the above Article.
In all matters there are 3 sides, your side my side and the right side. Unfortunately the lawyers for the Re Earth group did not want the truth of this matter to be brought out in any Court.
In the beginning of this Suit, Blue Illusions was named as a Party to this Suit, however and for whatever reason they cleverly decide to drop Blue Illusions from the Suit because I believe they knew that if all of the FACTS were presented to any Court they would not have a leg to stand on. And they knew that Blue Illusions Lawyer would make a laughing stock of the whole procedure.
I am not a lawyer but I do not know of any case in the Bahamas where some one can defend themselves against a Suit if they are not a Party to it.
Unfortunately the Hon. Judge therefore was never made Privy to the True Facts so a decision was made based on what he saw.
This was the intention of the lawyers when they dropped Blue Illusions from the Suit.
Nothing was done at Black Beards Cay without the relevant Permits and Permission to do the same. If Mr. Smith was not afraid to face Blue Illusions lawyer in Court from the beginning why? were they dropped from the Original Suit.
Mrs. Esfakis is a good lawyer so if she would appraise herself of the Facts I believe she would have to admit to what I am saying.

leandra esfakis

In our system, a plaintiff cannot be forced to sue any particular defendant. It is entirely the plaintiff's choice who to sue. If the plaintiff sues the wrong party - and fails - he lives with the consequences of that choice.

If a person (or company) feels he will be effected by a legal action, he has a right to apply to intervene in the action and be heard. It is up to the individual (or company) who feels he is so affected to apply.

Blue Illusions had different lawyers over the years. Blue Illusions, with legal advice, made an informed choice not to intervene. It lives with the consequences of that choice.

It is true that a judge will decide on the facts that are before him. That is the purpose of a court action - to bring all the facts before the court. The judge's responsibility is to come to a decision only on the facts before him. That is the basis of our justice system.

If Blue Illusions did not want to spend its money as a party to the legal action, and if Blue Illusions had "True Facts", which could have altered the outcome of the case, then, in its own best interests, Blue Illusions could have, and would have helped the government, by providing Crown counsel with those facts.

Notwithstanding this, the government still did not present sufficient "True Facts"to the court to convince the court to rule in the government's favour.

The common element in each of ReEarth's applications regarding new developments is the government - not the individual developer. It is the government which sets the whole process in motion - the government that gives approvals. It is the government that, from the get-go, needs to observe the laws that the government in Parliament made. It is the government which needs to answer for its governance.

It makes sense to sue the government. We need more common sense.

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