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September 08, 2015


P Barratt

I recall when the a four storey Trade Winds building on Bay Street was called an outrage, then the Royal Victoria Hotel was razed to the ground and now the British Colonial is in danger of being demolished. Good riddance to our colonial heritage some might say. But are we ready for thee new expanded hotel to be called the 'Chinese Colonial Hotel'?

Stephen Knowles

As an older Bahamian, I am mildly disappointed with this film; it only supposedly takes in downtown Nassau - what about the rest of Bay Street up to the Montagu? All you have to do is walk along East from East Street. Of course there are some well kept, even outstanding areas, but the rest ...? Thank the lord that they covered up the pile of conch shells!

Audley Mitchell

Regarding tourism, I submit that the real issue has gone over our heads. There is no down town Nassau. There is no city that represents the people of this nation. There is no meeting place. There is no celebration of us, our ancestors, our story. There is no (well, precious little) originality in what we present as the tourist product. There is no "us" in what is supposed to be our own experience.
We should be concerned that we / our leaders are willing to present the character of all that is from everywhere else in the world, and not just celebrate who and what we are.
That is the real tragedy.

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