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October 06, 2015


Linda Knnwles

This is so much like Hurricane Katrina and the slowness that government responded to the desperate needs of the people. Bahamian government be shamed. Frankly it is obvious you don't give a damn. Amazing if the shoe was on the other foot.

Volunteer firefighter

I contacted NEMA After the storm and spoke to the deputy director and informed her we had 1000 hygiene kits 150 kerosene stoves 100 blankets 5000 meals ready to go in Abaco what would you like me to do? . I was told give me your email and we will get back to you ! Well you know what I am about to say quote " till this day not one peep from NEMA " what would expect !!!!!

Total garbage that's all I have to say!
High paid fools working wait let me correct that not WORKING just people collecting enormous pay checks with NO performance skills .
I am a Bahamian running one of the #1 volunteer fire departments in the Bahamas and when I hear them say out islands turns my stomach upside down we are FAMILY ISLANDS !!!!! We are ONE FAMILY and one NATION. They need to go to the bank get money out of them padded bank accounts they have and BUY A CLUE!!!!
But who am I ? I just save lives every day for the love of my country and the Bahamian people.
And did I say volunteer!

Michael Strachan

It is shocking that we treat everything with aloofness. NEMA appears to be nothing but an agency to make monies disappear why all the posts, salaries and no assets to engage or response team.
Then the Met office sends out the first alert at midnight....so who's up ?
that should have been done before sunset so all govt agencies and residents could start preparation

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