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November 09, 2015


Simon Rodehn

Minnis and Wells can't match the energy that is being put into a stellar move by PGC to save us from our garbage monster and those arsonists that Dorsett says will not deter Government.

michael r scott

The way in which the joinder of Wells and Rollins was handled reflects Minnis' lack of intellectual depth and judgement. The LOI issue remains outstanding and full and frank explanation is awaited by us all. Minnis' questions raised in Question Time in the House should have been addressed frankly in a press conference before his application to join the FNM was processed. As for Rollins , he is a volatile loner who like the proverbial scorpion will come back to bite the welcoming hand ! While this recent initiative redounds to the short term credit of Minnis at least as a survivor , it was driven by the purely self seeking motive of blocking the efforts of more enlightened MPs to remove him from office.That is why it was masked in secrecy.It is a tragedy that the FNM mps were overtaken by a failure of will !

larry smith

You know as well as anyone that this sort of thing could not have been handled in public. And I don't think Ingraham or any other leader would have baulked at bringing them over. Obviously, the motive was poilitical.

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