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April 05, 2016


Patrick Thomson

This would appear to be the icing on the cake with the rest of it mouldering underneath. The country cannot go on staggering from one political crisis to another and still maintain we are a viable place to invest in. Why is the Government not making their position clear on this matter to the Bahamians and the outside world and why is the opposition not taking them to task and why for heavens sake can we not get a Freedom of Information Act with all its apparent faults. Someone has to Stand up and take charge of the country, please.
It is a blessing that you are able to put all these issues in perspective, Larry.

Dr. Julius Theophilus

Superbly explained. May the God that I serve, His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit expose the criminal element in The PLP and The FNM and remove them from serving The Wonderful People of our GREAT COUNTRY, from my lips to God's EARS.

Leandra Esfakis

I give up. Why?


He is not doin anything our MPs is not letting him do they sellin him property's now wan to bitch about same wit china


Thank you thank you for getting the word out. We need that entire country to know about this.


Thank you for this. I have found the whole thing bewildering. This is the first time I have clearly understood what all is going on. Why can't the press produce good journalism like this?

Linda Neilson

A country run, controlled and exploited by criminals and thieves can only come to ruin. Being in Government should be no protection from legal action. Bahamian people, this is our country. Don't you think it's time to stand up?

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