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June 21, 2016



The DNA remains D.O.A. If it has no leadership issues, that's because they have never had a leadership race and the group isn't really big enough to have factions (though I do remember the amusing cock-up of the PDF where Fred Mitchell's deputy tried to unseat him - fighting for control of a fringe party.)
I think no matter who wins the FNM leadership race, you will see the party come together quite quickly. I have no idea who will win - I think it will be close either way. Will that be enough to beat the PLP? I think so, but who knows. Politics is a crazy and unpredictable game. But you can rest assured at the end of the election, the DNA will have as many seats as they do now - zero.


If the PLP wins it will win dishonestly; not one person I know likes them. In that case the people are going to riot, this is what I'm hearing in the streets, in the stores, everywhere; people are getting ready for the worst to happen. Bahamians are fid up with the PLP's corruption.

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