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August 16, 2016


richard coulson

Without commenting on whether BAMSI makes commercial sense, I just point out that the other closures mentioned above stem from inevitable changes in life-styles and natural geolologic/climate factors. Could Eleuethera pineapple industry ever have survived against better growwing conditions in Hawaii? Will the poor soil in Bahamas ever allow the counry to be a amajor agricultural producer?
No, in both cases. Spacialized products, yes, but nothing aprroaching food self-sufficiency. Business ventures, and economy in general, must adjust to what is feasible and constantly adapt.

larry smith

And that is precisely the point I was making - the Bahamas is not suited for agricultural production or food processing. So it makes little sense to invest millions in trying to make it so.

Gina C-P

Our family lived around the corner from SAWYER'S FOOD PRODUCTS Claridge Road factory. We lived so close we could smell the heavenly aroma of cooking guavas as we played on our backyard patio. Add to that the scent of homemade bread baking up the street in Grammy Ruth's kitchen; can you imagine?! SAWYER'S GUAVA JAM is still the best and there is always someone searching for guava jam makers on Facebook hoping to have that taste again. Food memories (and it was good as a topping on vanilla ice-cream too).

Patrick Stewart

The Bahamas is well suited for agriculture and food processing it's we Bahamian's who are not suitable always looking for the easy way out. I have owned a restaurant in Abaco's for 20 years I buy as much Bahamian product as I can. Imagine fresh milk, bacon, butter, hams, beef, fresh squeezed juices, some of the best citrus farms in the world Ruby red grapefruits to die for, shrimp, turkeys, tomato paste, pigeon peas where we gonna find them now?,hope you like corn and rice! all these things come and gone. We constantly break down Bahamian businesses instead of encouragement and support usually for a few people s personal gain. That is why most Bahamian go to work for the foreigner instead going to work for themselves.


Bahamians needs to support our local industries and the government needs to do much more to assist. Agriculture is a billion dollar industry in The Bahamas. That's A BILLION dollars that could stay in this country and help to secure 1000's of jobs along with providing healthy local products for Bahamians. There many others forms of farming that can be incorporated into regular farming, aquaponics, hydroponics and others sustainable means to assist in these efforts. We must be able to feed ourselves. If we don't the Chinese or other foreigners will come in and do it for us. Believe in Bahamians, Bahamas. Or we will continue to suffer the consequences and receive JUNK FOOD for the us and every other country aboard.

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