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August 30, 2016


Eric Wiberg

Thank you Mr. Smith. I am humbled and proud to be able to share Bahamian history at home and abroad. We were a more important part of a global conflict than originally thought, mainly because tankers had to cross a submarine trip-wire to get through our islands between Aruba and Texas and Halifax and the UK.

Gina C-P

What became of the survivors who were brought into New Providence? Did any remain in the Bahamas? Would they have descendants here today?


Great story. Sir Jack Hayward just before he died suggested a cenotaph should be erected to the forgotten heros Bahamian and non-Bahamian who perished in the Bahamian archipelago during WWII.
Peter Barratt

larry smith

Wiberg spent a decade researching this book. He tells me that merchant mariners were highly trained and hard to replace. They had to live internationally for years with no contact with families, etc. So the Allies wanted to get them back onto other ships as fast as possible. They were turned around within a week on average, and the only ones to linger in the Bahamas were those in hospital.

The Rozelda, Lucerne, Windsor and Prince George hotels - as well as the Royal Victoria Hotel Annex on Shirley Street - all provided accommodation for survivors, Bay Street shop-owners provided free goods and services were provided by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and Wallis Simpson, wife of the governor. The IODE had set up a canteen for survivors and other military personnel in the Masonic building on Bay Street.

For example, the 38 survivors of the O A KNUDSEN landed in Nassau in March 1942. Visa requirements were quickly waived, and the Norwegians left Nassau for Miami on March 16 1942 aboard the Albury & Company vessel Ena K.

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