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November 07, 2016



This is the link to the Smith and Zeller article http://fishbull.noaa.gov/1141/smith.pdf

William Kalis

Wages are too high, and transport too expensive to make agriculture economically feasible in the Bahamas. With state of the art technology farming in the US and UK only employs 1% to 2% of the population; not politically significant.
BAMSI should be turned into a conservation research institute, and an ecotourism management development center. Something that would safeguard the future of the country and create substantial, sustainable employment to exploit the worldwide market of city dwellers who dream of coming to see such unique and beautiful nature that the Bahamas has to offer....for the time being.


I totally agree William.

Phillip cR. Young

The bloody gift of the stadium to the Bahamas from the Chinease is the beginning of our nation's downfall. Wanting something for nothing and in the end we Bahamians end's up Hibbing without really receiving anything in return.
We have got to remove this Christy administration from office immediately.
Bahama hotel on the cable beach strip will become a concrete canyon that no body will want in a few years, this is my prediction.
Please Bahamians lets band together and save our little nation by electing men with business and humanitarian principals. No more Lawyers and lyres to sit in Our Parlament, none what so ever.if we are going to save our nation for future generations.

Bill Johnson

When the Chinese start commercial fishing in the Bahamas, it will be the end of Sport fishing here. Note that most sport fish are "catch, photo and return ".

Shantell Johnson

I feel like any ideas that foreign investors can come up with, we as Bahamians can do ourselves. We need to give our own an opportunity to show their country what they're good for; and if it's costly use the inmates in our correctional facility to put in the work. Think about it once The Chinese gets permission to fish in our waters u can kiss (sun, sand & sea) good bye. All these islands and cay we have why can't we just lest them to foreign investors so that they can help build our country rather than selling everything. #please Bahamians fight for your country don't just let slip away.

Janet Schrager

My name is Janet Schrager. I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
This is horrible. I am crying for the sea life that will be destroyed ad we have already killed our reefs.
I emailed Prime Minister May last week, no response, I do not matter.
You are the people who can stop this horror of selling OUR ocean life.
Do mot let this happen at any price.

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