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November 21, 2016


william kalis

great article. You may be taking Mr. Trump too much at his word. He has proved extremely flexible at "adjusting" many of his positions since he actually caught up with the garbage truck. The reality is that the US is close to full employment, interest rates are likely to rise, and the national debt can't be increased much more. Add to that that automation is far more to blame for reduced manufacturing employment than immigrants, and many good American jobs are dependent on exports or international supply chains, and we can expect more pragmatism from the president-elect. It is also grass roots pressure on institutional investors that has reduced finance for dirty industries, and encouraged funding for sustainable and cleaner forms of energy, something that has been building for decades and will not easily be turned back especially since it is becoming economic as well as desirable.
We should wish the United States well, and trust that those things that have made it the great country that it is will prevail.

Lynn Larson

Our media played a huge role in the unexpected Trump win. First, Fox News amd Rush Limbaugh and their endless attack on progressives and liberals helped create the Tea Party which the Republican embraced and was forced to move to the right.
Second: ratings count, and Trump was a media phenom. He got hours of free tv time. The media couldn't get enough of this outrageous candidate, and so they covered every rant, every lie that came out of his mouth and did not hold him to any kind of a truth meter."Lock her up! Build the Wall! Crooked Hillary!" became mantras for the far right who were covered incessantly.
FBI Director Comey released a statement that more emails had been found 2 weeks before the election while early voting was going on. Instead of covering Trump's Russian connections or his failure to release his taxes, they covered the faux story of emails because they thought this was what the viewers wanted, so Trump got another pass.
The polls consistently that Clinton would win, hence some Democrats stayed home.The polls were wrong. R voting was down 2 million, Ds were down 6 million.
I am sorry for we who live in the US most of the time, and even sorrier for our friends abroad who face the consequences of Trump's position on Global Warming, on NATO, on immigration. I can only hope that he will reneg on his campaign promises. Already, he is not going to prosecute Hillary, or deport ALL illegals, or build the wall (maybe a fence). Our future remains to be seen.

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