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February 14, 2017


Sherrill Callender

A very timely and relevant article that every Bahamian should read. Insightful and full of useful information I hope it gets a lot of exposure. Thanks Larry for keeping it real as the public must have responsible and truthful journalists from whom to get factual and honest news.


Perhaps if those in positions of authority made the truth available, and easily accessible,
"fake News" and conjecture would not find such a fertile field in which to grow.
Perhaps, If the Bahamian public at large made even minor efforts to understand the law of the land, the rules attached thereto, the context and consequences of government policies and actions, they wouldn't be so easily taken with the fakery emanating from those with the power to set records straight.
There is no doubt investigative reporting has damn near perished in the Bahamas.
In the end, the majority want feel good and not reality with substance.
So be it, but they aren't going to like the inevitable end result.
It is becoming more clearly visible.

larry smith

Investigative reporting is virtually impossible in the Bahamas. The media don't have the expertise or the resources or the necessary access to information. And libel laws and litigious politicians are a constant threat.

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